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Common Plants of Eaton Canyon
and the San Gabriel Foothills

Field Guide on CD
Version: 1.1

Trouble Shooting Information

The application doesn't start automatically.

If this Field Guide on CD does not start automatically, it may be that your operating system has the Autostart function disabled. You can either enable the function or use an alternate method to start it. Please see "How do I start this Field Guide".

Things don't seem to fit on the screen properly.

If the text and photographs seem too large to fit in the four sections of the screen, you may be running with a screen resolution that is less than 800 x 600 pixels. Most PC monitors sold in the last several years are capable of this resolution or higher. You can easily reset the resolution. Please see "How do I change my screen resolution?".

If, on the other hand, some parts of the screen have ample space, but others don't, you may have accidentally moved the border between the sections. You can reset the screen by just clicking on the Home button.

The photos have funny colors.

If the photographs have funny-looking colors and patterns, your color settings may be set to only 256 colors. Nearly all PC monitors are capable of displaying 16 million colors or more. This Field Guide on CD requires the higher color setting to display the photographs properly. You can easily reset your monitor's colors setting. Please see "How do I change my display color settings?".

Nothing happens when I click on Help or Glossary or on an underlined word.

If nothing happens or you get an error message when you click on the Help button or a Glossary link, your browser may have a pop-up stopper installed to block pop-up ads on the Internet. The pop-up stopper should have user settings that allow you to permit pop-up windows from local, not Internet, applications.

When I go to the Internet, I don't have toolbars at the top.

To maximize space on the screen for photographs, this Field Guide on CD turns off browser toolbars for its browser window. If you use the same window for Internet access, you will not have access to the browser’s Back button or other controls. This can happen if you click on an Internet link in an email, for example. To avoid the problem, make sure that you start a standard browser window before clicking on the Internet link. This will not be a problem when you click on an Internet link from within this Field Guide on CD. You can use the Nature-at-Hand window of this field guide for Internet access; it is not needed for this application after it is first started.

When I close this application, some of its windows stay open.

We have made an effort to make all windows of this application close nicely. However, there are many different browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Safari) and different versions of those browsers. They do not all operate the same way. In some cases, some windows may remain open after this application closes. To close them, just click on the "X" box in the upper-right corner (Windows) or the Close box in the upper-left corner (Mac).

The CD used to work, but now it doesn't.

To help diagnose the problem, if possible, do one or both of the following:

If the problem is with this CD, Look at the back side of the CD and see if there is a scratch, which can prevent the drive from reading it. If it is scratched, the only solution is to replace the CD. Please contact us for assistance.

Diagnosing problems with your CD drive or system software is beyond the scope of this Help file and will probably need to be taken up with the technical support people of your hardware or software provider. If you contact us, we will attempt to help you determine further where the problem is.

I have a different problem. What can I do?

If you have a problem that is not covered here, or the Help given here does not resolve your problem, please contact us for further assistance. Please see "Contact Us".

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